The sum insured is the replacement value (the amount you would have to pay to replace your asset today) of the asset (including specified modifications and accessories for that asset) specified by you. The sum insured is confirmed in your Policy Schedule. It is your responsibility to update this value.

Maximum replacement values: We offer cover for the following types of assets up to the corresponding maximum value (including specified modifications and accessories) per type of asset. Please note: You are only covered up to the sum insured of your asset.

  • Bicycles: R250,000
  • Camping: R25,000
  • Eyewear: R25,000
  • Musical instruments: R150,000
  • Photography: R150,000
  • Sports: R150,000
  • Tech: R50,000
  • Home electronics: R50,000
  • Home appliances: R50,000

We offer cover for multiple assets at one time, up to a maximum total value for the assets (including specified modifications and accessories) of R300,000 (i.e. you can switch on cover for your asset if the total sum insured of all assets covered at that time, will add up to R300,000 or less).

Minimum replacement value: Your asset must have a replacement value of at least R1,000.

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