You are not covered for use of your asset in a professional capacity. You are covered for use of your asset in official events (e.g. races, competitions) as an amateur participant only, i.e. you are not covered as a professional participant.

You are not covered for accidental damage, loss or theft of your asset caused by, arising from or connected with:

  1. your failure to take reasonable care of or to prevent damage, loss or theft of your asset;
  2. your own deliberate or malicious act, or those of someone acting on your behalf;
  3. wear and tear, rust, mildew, corrosion, decay, chips, scratches, cracks, dents, or any superficial damage;
  4. corrupted, damaged, lost or stolen electronic data;
  5. accidental damage, loss or theft of your asset occurring prior to or existing when you switch on cover;
  6. mechanical, electrical or electronic failure or breakdown;
  7. depreciation (decrease in market value);
  8. any consequential loss (associated costs relating to the loss, e.g. loss of earnings);
  9. modifications and accessories that you have not specified in the JaSure App;
  10. regardless of specification, any modifications and accessories that are not reasonably associated with your asset and its typical usage;
  11. anything covered by any manufacturer’s warranty, purchase agreement or service contract;
  12. damage to tyres from braking, cuts, punctures, bursts or uneven road surfaces;
  13. household pests (e.g. rodents, ants and moths);
  14. cleaning, repairing or restoring by any manner or method; and/or
  15. damage or loss of your asset in the open caused by storm, water, wind, hail or snow unless the asset is designed to exist in the open.
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