Steps to blacklist your cellphone

  1. Notify JaSure about the theft of your cellphone via the JaSure app: go to My Account => Claims => New Claim. You can log into the JaSure app on a friend or family member’s cellphone.
  2. Contact your service provider to block your SIM card and get your cellphone’s IMEI number.
  3. Report the theft to the police and ask for a copy of the police report and case number.
  4. Contact your service provider again to blacklist your cellphone (now that you have a case number).
  5. Contact JaSure via the JaSure app with your police report, case number and IMEI number.

Your service provider’s contact number

  • Vodacom: 082 135
  • MTN: 083 135
  • Telkom: 081 180
  • Cell C: 084 140
  • Virgin Mobile: 074 100 0123

How to get your IMEI number

You can get your IMEI number by dialling *#06# (before the phone was stolen) or on the phone’s box. Alternatively, call your service provider.

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