JaSure has introduced car insurance and updated the JaSure Policy Wording. Important changes are highlighted below:

The Policy Wording includes a new "General" section and "Vehicles" section.

1. General:

1.1 Your responsibilities has been simplified.

1.2 Definitions has been added for definitions that apply throughout the Policy Wording.

1.3 Payment still provides details about the payment terms. Information about premiums and calculations can be found on the quote and in your Policy Schedule.

1.4 Claims has been updated –

  • Please familiarise yourself with all the Claims clauses.

  • New clauses include: 1.4.2 Claim preparation costs, 1.4.6 Unavailable parts, 1.4.7 Interest of a title holder, 1.4.9 Our rights, 1.4.10 Your rights, 1.4.11 Fraudulent and deliberate acts, and 1.4.12 Timelines.

1.6 Disclosing risk information is a new clause.

1.7 Fraud now includes “any person who you represent” and “any person acting on your behalf”.

1.8 Sharing your information is a new clause.

1.10 General exclusions is a new clause.

2. Single Items:

The defined term “Asset” has been changed to “Item”. The Policy offers cover for your Assets which could be Items (e.g. your bicycle, laptop, etc.) or a Vehicle.

2.1 Definitions no longer includes the definitions Claim (this is now defined under the General section), Electronic Data, Excess and Sum Insured.

2.2 What’s covered now includes point 2. “You are covered for the replacement value of your item. It is important that you keep this value up to date to ensure you are covered for the correct amount.”

2.3 Conditions of cover

  • now includes point 2. “You must submit any required photos and videos according to the instructions provided in the JaSure App when you add your item, and if requested, you must update any photos and/or videos accordingly. If the photos and videos do not meet our criteria, we may cancel cover for your item from the Cover Start Date and return any collected premiums for the item.”

  • “You must be a resident of South Africa with a valid South African ID number and aged 18 years or older.” has been removed as it is handled during the quote process in the app.

2.4 Exclusions

  • Point 2 now includes the following bold text: “You are not covered for use of your item in a professional capacity, except if the item is office or home industry equipment belonging to you in your private capacity.

  • Point 3.d now includes the following bold text: “corrupted, damaged, lost or stolen electronic data (including, but not limited to, software, applications, photographs, images, films, music or other files stored electronically on your item);"

  • Point 3.e: “Accidental Damage” has been changed to “damage” (“damage, loss or theft of your item occurring prior to or existing when you switch on cover;”)

  • Point 3.o now references “theft” too (“damage, loss or theft of your item in the open caused by storm, water, wind, hail or snow, unless the item is designed to exist in the open.”)

  • The following is now under the General section: “any consequential loss (associated costs relating to the loss, e.g. loss of earnings);”

  • Point 3.k has been added: “any exchange, cash or credit sale agreement, including theft under false pretence and fraud;”

3. Vehicles:

This is an entirely new section. If you insure a car with JaSure, please familiarise yourself with this section.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email help@jasure.com.

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